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Mariner Software Montage

What is Mariner Software Montage ?

When you watch a TV show, a film or a play, it’s hard to see the structure that goes into each one. But it’s there. And, it’s pretty specific. It’s one thing having the idea – it’s something else getting that idea into the format needed to get noticed. That’s where Montage comes in.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.31.00 AM

Screenwriting – art with words

Screenwriting is a creative process but it’s not a free-for-all. It requires a specific type of formatting – from typestyle to line spacing and indentations. You can have a blockbuster idea but without the proper screenwriting format, it won’t get read. Montage, a screenwriting product developed exclusively for the Mac, contains everything you’ll need to create the right format so that your script won’t be another addition to the circular file.
It’s very useful and easy to use.
by VCCR2010
The graphic novel I wrote using Montage just hit bookstores worldwide this week. It’s called SWEETS: A New Orleans Crime Story. Reviews are fantastic and so far sales are strong. The book even won a Spinetingler Award!
Kody Chamberlain
“The main advantage I see of using Montage over other software packages I’ve looked at is its simplicity and ease of use, focused on the writer. It opens quickly, has an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface, and at the same time has nearly all the features you’d actually need or use from more complicated and expensive programs.”
N. Andreson
a Montage user
Puts Final Draft to shame. “Sure Final Draft is the _industry standard_ but why spend hundreds when Montage does the trick? I can export my work to Final Draft in the end anyway.”
Kevin Curran
a Montage user

Have Final Draft, will travel.

Let’s face it, Final Draft screenwriting software has been the industry leader for many years. For some users, a transition to a new screenwriting tool would be both challenging and intimidating.
Montage includes a built-in Final Draft importer which allows you to drag and drop your Final Draft documents (fdr format only) right on Montage and have them open in the Montage format.
What’s that? You say you have a writing partner who needs to work in Final Draft (for some bizarre reason!)…we can help there too. Have the ease of creating your work in Montage’s intuitive and elegant interface AND the convenience of saving your Montage script as a Final Draft file format (.fdr).

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.31.04 AM

We’ll do all the heavy-lifting

Montage is designed to automatically structure your writing – you don’t have to worry about learning a complicated process. We’ve even included templates for almost every genre: TV, film, theatre, musical, comic book and more – just take your pick and Montage will do the rest.

View your script from every angle

Looking at your work from different perspectives, like any other type of art, is a good thing. Montage provides multiple views such as the Script View, so you can see what you’re writing page by page. The Outline View lays out your script scene by scene and allows you to organize your script and even set its status.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.31.06 AM

Don’t let yourself be distracted

A Full Screen Mode is a feature to keep you free from background images, e-mail and all the other stuff on your computer’s desktop. A clutter free desk will set the stage for focused writing and productivity.

Now you’re ready!

Writing a query, constructing a synopsis and sending your script, Montage assists with that too so you’re not left with a nicely formatted screenplay but nothing else. With the hundreds of included industry contacts through the integration with Apple’s Address Book – all you’ll need is determination.

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Mariner Software Mariner Write

What is Mariner Software Mariner Write ?

Elegantly efficient and powerful, Mariner Write has everything you will need to turn out great looking documents. Tired of having 4 million features in your word processor? No worries. Whether you’re a professional writer, educator, student or an average sort, Write has just the right amount of functionality needed to be your go-to word processing app.


From the get-go – designed for the Mac

Mariner Write is no “after-thought” or retooled product. It was specifically developed and purposely designed for the Mac from the very beginning. Mariner Write opens as a clean and uncluttered place for you to start to write. But don’t be deceived by its simplicity, it can do whatever you ask. Use the Smart Cut and Paste feature so you don’t have to worry about whether you properly selected the correct character space. View different parts of your document at the same time with the Split Pane. Mariner Write is more than able to see you through your word processing task.
Word Processor of the Year
2013 Reader’s Choice Finalist
I want to write, format text and save documents as documents for future use. Nothing I’ve seen beats Mariner Write for that. I just felt you had a right to hear some validation for what you’ve done with this program.
Bob Mendel
Mariner Write user
How about the bottom line first? Barring any dramatic change in its
performance or my experiences with Write, it is likely Mariner Write will be
the only word processor I use on my MacBook from here on out. Even if or
when Microsoft produces a Universal version of Word, I’ll stick with Write.

John Mandes
Mariner Write user

Did you want the kitchen sink?

Well, we’d hate to disappoint you but unlike the other word processor, Mariner Write has all the features you need for that important letter or technical document but without extra and often times, meaningless items. Sometimes all you need is to create customizable headers, footers, endnotes, footnotes or a simple style sheet. With Mariner Write, your document will always look clean, consistent and professional. Or do you want 41 kinds of Word Art?

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.28.43 AM

Flexibility is key

Mariner Write offers all the flexibility that even the most advanced users need. We’ve included many options for keyboard shortcuts for those who work with repeated tasks as well as, Mail Merge to automate mailing, a powerful Find Dialog, an intuitive Font Panel and much more. It’s all designed to give you the power to create the word processing environment you want to see.

But, we can play well with others

We understand that other areas in the space-time continuum use other word processing products. Ok, we’ll just come right out and say it, MS Word – we understand that a lot of folks use Word. Not to worry – Write opens MS Word files and will save your document as an RTF-Word file so you won’t have to feel all alone in the universe.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.18.59 AM

So what more do you need?

You don’t have to look anywhere else for a feature rich, word processing app built for the Mac. Mariner Write is tried and true and reasonably priced – just like all of Mariner’s products – and will stand up to whatever you throw at it. And anything the competition can dish out too.

You can use coupon code ( TOMW ) in the Mariner Software eStore and save 25% off new purchases and 5 pack bundles.

Mariner Software Narrator

What is Mariner Software Narrator ?

What do Agnes, Kathy, Alex, and Junior have in common? They are the voices of the Mac OS and they are used by Narrator, a text-to-speech and dictation app for your Mac. Have one or multiple voices read back your story (a great tool for novel or screenwriting that have conversations between two people), or help you study for a part in a play. Dictate a letter and listen as it is read back to you. The possibilities are endless.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.33.43 AM

Bring words to life!

It’s really quite simple. You can paste text or import an RTF, .txt, or .doc file into Narrator and you can hear it read back to you. Control the rate, pitch, inflection, and volume to give the voices a wide range of expressiveness. There are also silent read-along options for stage directions or if you need to just read out your own parts.
Amazing app for writers. I’ve had this app for two years and it has never disappointed. I’ll be honest, it is amazing how many errors that you catch in your own writing when you have your book read back to you. I took the suggestion by Narrator to buy additional voices and found them to really enhance the listening experience. I’d recommend this for any serious author.
Glenn Luther
Narrator user
Narrator: been looking for this type of app for a long time. As an assistive technology professional, I’ve been looking for a application to allow me to introduce folks to computerised speech in an interesting/fun way: particularly young children..
David Woodbridge
Narrator user
“I love it! Narrator even lets me use some third party high resolution voices.”
Jean-Luc Lebrun
Narrator user
I kinda of tested it out during the 30 day trial period and i had to get it. Not that many playwrights out there i guess cause i only found out about this project thru amazon not locally. I like hear my plays out aloud at home so i can have a clear sensing of it before it is vocal performed!!! thanks Mariner!!! and oh if you want more voices you would have to buy but other than that its great!!!
A Narrator user

Assistive technology.

The Mac is good at assisting those with learning and sensory challenges with its VoiceOver and other assistive features. When it comes to TTS (text-to-speech) Narrator takes it one step further. Once you copy text or import it, you can assign voices to read out different parts. For example, you can select Victoria to read out the part of a novel or play when you need a female character, or assign the voice of Alex – whatever you want or need. Need something read back to you in Italian? or purchase Vittoria, the Italian voice (or many other voices from different languages) available from our partners at Cepstral. With its flexibility, Narrator can be a product to assist anyone who desires to maintain their independence or enhance their learning experience.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.34.14 AM


Narrator doesn’t just talk back, it will listen too! Use the Mac OS Enhanced Dictation for offline use and continuous dictation with live feedback. Dictate a letter, compose a short story. When you go back to add punctuation, Narrator enhances the feedback of your dictation with pauses and emphasis when it comes across commas and periods. Narrator is not without a sense of humor. Included are novelty voices like, Hysterical and Good News – all designed to enrich your TTS or dictation adventures.

A product that likes to learn.

To help you improve the pronunciation of tricky words, Narrator includes a Dictionary preferences feature. Enter a list of words to look for, and add the words or phrases to use in place of those words. You can replace an acronym or symbol with a more elegant phrasing or spell words differently so they are pronounced correctly.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.34.27 AM

Take your voices with you.

You can export what you have created in Narrator directly to iTunes, where you can listen to it time and again. Sync your Narrator files to your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. Narrator enables you to create your own audiobooks from text. For example, pick a book from one to the 42,000 free books provided by Project Gutenberg, assign characters and export it to iTunes to enjoy whenever you wanted. There is also an export option for ACC sound files to use with other sound playing software such as a soundtrack in iMovie or as a screenshot voiceover.

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Mariner Software Contour

What is Mariner Software Contour ?

At one time or another, every writer has experienced the dreaded, “now what do I write?” rut that brings even seasoned writers to their knees. Kiss those days goodbye, Follow the Contour system and answer just these 4 questions and you’re well on your way to creating a masterpiece: Who is the main character? What is the main character trying to accomplish? Who is trying to stop the main character? What happens if the main character fails?


You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

Contour, the dual-platform, award-winning story development system developed by Emmy Award-nominated Jeffrey Alan Schechter, is designed to take your idea and turn it into a bulletproof outline. Contour teaches you the perfect blend of plot-driven versus character-driven storytelling that blockbuster movies use to create solid stories that hold together from Fade In to Fade Out.


Minimum Theory, Maximum Story.

Unlike other story development systems which are either so complicated that you don’t know where to start or so lightweight as to wonder, “why in the world did I buy this?”, Contour is a must-have for every screenwriter. Using a fill-in-the blanks and intuitive approach, much like a software install wizard, Contour guides you as to what elements need to be part of your story outline – effectively constructing the foundation of your screenplay. In the end, you’re never left to wonder, “what comes next?”


Shhh! It’s a Secret!

Do your stories lack cohesiveness from start to finish? Contour explains the major storytelling secrets needed to craft a highly marketable movie. Your main character’s journey is explained through archetypal themes – the same kind of themes used by most of the top 50 movies that have affected millions of viewers – maybe even you!


Worried about how to start?

Don’t be. For many, it’s much easier to understand the Contour system by following the breakdown of a successful movie. Contour includes several entire scripts of blockbuster movies dissected through the Contour system. And if you need even more samples of how Contour works, follow Jeffrey Alan Schechter’s personal blog as he breaks down current screenplays in Contour.

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Mariner Software StoryMill

What is Mariner Software StoryMill ?

Writing a great novel doesn’t just happen, it is designed. It is thought out. It takes a writer who has discipline, creativity and open-mindedness. You also need a place for organization as well as a place to write. StoryMill is both. Take your idea for mystery, romance, adventure, action or science fiction and turn it into that novel you know is within but just needs a little help getting out. Developed to ease a person into the writing experience, StoryMill is purposely designed to include all the elements essential to writing as well as providing a place for organizing all the other parts and pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 1.32.39 PM

Inside StoryMill.

StoryMill is incredibly flexible – use it as your place to write and revise using its distraction-free full screen and powerful annotations, or as your place to organize every character, location, and scene that makes up your novel. You can set a daily writing goal and keep track of it using the Progress Meter. There are handy things to help you keep track of clichés and monitor how many times you use a word. There’s a single place for all your research – add pictures, tags, files and links, or make notes to any item in your project. It’s all right there within easy reach.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 1.28.49 PM

Who’s doing what, where, and when?

Monitoring time and dates of scenes and events is critical to writing. With the Timeline feature that is exclusive to StoryMill, you can group the scenes so you can see the relationship between them. Change the unit of time measurement all the way from minutes to centuries. Insert scenes or events and view the list of untimed scenes. No matter what passage of time your story takes, the Timeline View will give you a perspective unique only to StoryMill.

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Mariner Software MacJournal

What is Mariner Software MacJournal ?

It’s journal keeping for the 21st century. Instead of paper and pen, it is your journal on your Mac. Unlike other journal applications, MacJournal is packed with features, setting it apart. You can create as many journals as you’d like: for work, home, family, or friends. You can upload your entries to your blog. Record a message or a child’s first word. It is one place where you can put everything. With MacJournal you can document any life event with all the sounds, images — even video — that comes with it. You can’t do that with a notebook.


MacJournal 6. We’ve made it easy for you.

We’ve created and designed MacJournal, the world’s most popular journaling application for the Mac, so that you can start writing and express yourself the moment you launch it. Easily create a journal – for your dreams, your family or a special time of life – anything. Then, take the plunge and write your entry. It can be your first thoughts of the day, a summary of a good book or just to unload from the week. With MacJournal, the only limitation is the one you set for yourself.

Life is more than just words!

There’s color, sound and imagery and you can put all of it into your journals with MacJournal. A Media Browser is included which allows you to select a favorite song from iTunes, a photo from your Pictures library – even a YouTube video – and add it to an entry. Your journals will be as rich with sight and sound as the event itself.


The other cool stuff.

MacJournal is packed with so many features and enhancements that you can turn it into your own personal writing playground. Select one of the many icons included to mark your entries and journals or use one of your own. Add a mood – are you happy or just so-so? Sort your journals by Topic, Date, Mood, Content Size and more. If you’re the business type, you can use the Statistics menu to view Words, Characters and Lines in an entry. If you like a disciplined approach to your journal keeping, set aside time every day to write and use the Timer to monitor yourself. When you want to see just how prolific a writer you are, select the Timeline Mode to view your daily writing activity chronologically, or the Calendar Mode to see your entries by month and year. There’s also a Full Screen Mode to give you a full writing landscape for all your thoughts choosing your own color background and your own color of type. Let your writing canvas be as unique as the words that will go on it.


MacJournal If you like an audience…or not.

You can keep your world private or, like so many do, share your thoughts and opinions or your entire life. Your MacJournal entries can be published to any of the popular blogging services like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr and more. But, if you want to keep your thoughts away from prying eyes – don’t worry, MacJournal is equipped with two-level security – password protection and AES-256 encryption. Extroverted or introverted. Open or private. Just pick the way that’s right for you.

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Mariner Software Paperless and Paperless Lite

What is Mariner Software Paperless ?

Remember when everyone talked about how we would be a paperless society? Now it seems like we use paper more than ever. Let’s face it – everyone still uses paper. We end up with piles of it – bills, receipts, financial and insurance statements. And yet, the trend toward government and business entities wanting digital documents is growing. That’s where Paperless comes into play, Paperless allows you to keep up and maintain the task of organizing all your receipts and documents, simply and easily, just like it should be.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.22.52 AM

File management 21st century style.

Paperless for Mac and Paperless for Windows reduces your need to keep paper documents of any kind. Simply scan your receipts, bills, statements, warranty cards, business cards – any type of paper and the OCR function of Paperless recognizes the data and adds it to the Details Window. Make more notes, assign categories – all the tools you need for a neat and clean digital filing system is all right there in Paperless.
Now, doesn’t that feel good?


Order and peace of mind.

When it’s time for taxes, do you take your documents to your accountant in a shoe box? Do you scramble around searching for your medical receipts? With Paperless, you can create a database for everything – financial to medical to those product manuals for all your tools hanging in your basement. Oh and, yeah, the fun stuff, like your 2nd grader’s pictures and all the other cool stuff she brings home from school. Store and organize it all, safe and secure.

You can use coupon code ( TOMW ) in the Mariner Software eStore and save 25% off new purchases and 5 pack bundles.

Mariner Software Persona

What is Persona?

Go look at your library of writing tools. What do you see? Products to help create a story outline, a place to compile research, a dictionary app, spellchecking, and more. But what about your characters? What do you use to develop them, or do you just sort of, you know, let them evolve? Welcome to Persona. No matter if you’re a Mac or a Win user, Persona will help you create the strongest character possible.


Get inside your character’s head – with your Mac or PC.

Packed inside Persona are archetypal themes—good guys and bad guys. These archetypes are described in detail: personality traits, qualities, flaws, background, occupations, and how they interact with other personalities. Whether your character is a brainiac talking fish or an outcast orphanage owner, Persona helps you explore how each one’s unique psychology and background influence their dealings and dialogue. We’ve even made it possible for you to see what happens if your character becomes corrupt and turns from hero and heroine into villain or villainess.


Develop your characters; strengthen your story

The archetypes in Persona consist of 16 male and 16 female personalities, each group broken down into heroes, heroines, villains and villainesses. There’s the Action Figure, who will get the job done no matter the cost, or the Companion, a caring and selfless man. When the Action Figure loses his moral compass, he turns into the Brute, ruthless and argumentative, easily despised. The Companion, when depraved, becomes the Opportunist, betraying trust and taking advantage of others. Then there’s the Caregiver, empathic and nurturing, but when corrupted she becomes the Distracted Mother, antagonistic and disinterested.
How’s that to get your creativity revved?
“I really like this software. It’s simple to use and it has a great deal of archetypes to use. Of course this shouldn’t be the only thing you use to create a character, but what I’ve found to be helpful is that it generates ideas. When I started my character profiles I got so many ideas of what I wanted to do with them. It can be easy to think that you’ll be held in a box by this software. I don’t feel that way.”
Persona user
“The was a time earlier in my writing career that I really didn’t care how my characters evolved throughout my story. Mistake. Persona is a drop-dead simple way of making sure each character in my story is as accurate as can be. If you write, you need this app.”
Dave Winston
Persona user

We’ve made it simple.

Don’t be fooled by Persona’s spartan looks. Both the Mac and Windows version is designed to keep you focused on the task of developing your character. You can create Smart Groups based on attributes like tags, type, sex, or any word or phrase from your notes. If you’re not sure how your characters will fit together, you can construct ad hoc groups of characters without a defined relationship, in order to explore interactions. We’ve included a Names database with over 16,000 names and their origins that you can select from, or you can add your own.

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Mariner Software MacGourmet Deluxe

MacGourmet Deluxe Digital recipe management — for everyone.

Going digital is firmly set as a part of your life. You create digital records of receipts and documents. Bills and invoices are emailed. You pay them electronically. You communicate to friends and family through social media venues – and it’s all done from the convenience of your Mac.
So why are you still using a recipe box with tattered and food stained recipes cards?
We know why. They are, you know, sentimental. We get that, but when you go digital with your recipes, the possibilities of what you can do are almost endless.


 We’ve got two solutions.

MacGourmet Deluxe and MacGourmet are our two powerful recipe management applications that enable you to easily create, edit, organize, and share your recipes.
  • Make notes about wine, beer, and cheese — like pairings, for example. You’ve got a Pinot Noir in your wine rack, should you pair it with Colby or Cheddar – or both? Is there a beer that goes well with apple pie?
  • Search the pantry for ingredients and use the results to plan a meal
  • Add Lists, Smart Lists, or sub-lists to categorize your recipes such as, Vegetarian, Gluten-fee, Low Fat, even “recipes from Grandmother”
  • Create shopping lists. Print out a list and take it with you, or sync it to Gourmet (for iOS), the mobile version, and check off items while you walk through the store
  • Flag the recipes that made you stand out at that dinner party

An enviable recipe collection.

MacGourmet Deluxe and MacGourmet provide two methods for adding to your collection — the Import Feature and the Clipping Feature, which eliminates the need to retype everything.
  • Bring life to your recipes with images, directions, and color
  • Select from multiple themes to customize your recipe box to fit your style
  • Add new cuisine categories — is that special Italian dish Tuscan or Sicilian?
  • Do you need special equipment for your famous cake? Add it to the kitchen equipment list
  • Illustrate the process of a recipe by including pictures and directions for each step

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Как пишут сценарии «Звездных войн», «Трансформеров» и других фильмов

В одном из недавних постов я рассказал, как можно самостоятельно издать свою книгу. Сегодня мы будем писать сценарий. Причем так, как это делают в Голливуде.

В свое время мне в руки попала интересная книжка Александра Червинского «Как хорошо продать хороший сценарий». Это был обзор американских учебников сценарного мастерства. В основе американского подхода — трехактная структура сценария, четко прописанные правила поведения персонажей. Более того, американский подход предполагает точное указание на то, что должно происходить в определенный момент фильма. У американского сценариста только одна задача — рассказать историю, обозначая действие, описание и диалог. Все остальное — задача продюсера и режиссера.
Поскольку американский стиль сценария обладает четкой структурой, он хорошо поддается оцифровке. Существует много специализированных программ для сценаристов. В целом они делятся на два класса:
  1. для построения сюжета и проработки персонажей,
  2. для построения структуры сценария.
К первой категории относятся такие программы, как Dramatica Pro, Character Pro, StoryView, Contour и другие. Ко второй категории — Final Draft, Celtx, Movie Magic Screenwriter и другие.

Программа для построения сюжета Contour разрабатывалась совместно с известным сценаристом Джеффри Шехтером («Бетховен 3» и другие). Соответственно, разработка сюжета в Contour идет по системе Шехтера.

Full Review 

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Mariner Calc Spreadsheet app review do your household and business arithmetic while on the go

Mariner Calc Spreadsheet for iPhone is a full-featured portable spreadsheet program that offers hundreds of complex functions and dozens of useful templates. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel and can be used to view Word files, PowerPoint, PDFs, texts, and Numbers. Developed by Mariner Software, this app is optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

Work on Your Spreadsheet Files on the Go

There are probably dozens of mobile spreadsheet programs on the App Store but none can match the advanced features offered by Mariner Calc. For starters, this app offers 145 functions that include basic math operations, trigonometric functions, statistics, banking and finance, and many more. 
Mariner Calc Spreadsheet is a premium app with no additional in-app purchase options. You get the full version when you buy the app from the App Store. 
The app allows you to create a spreadsheet file from scratch. Just load it from the widget to open the spreadsheet editor. Mariner Calc optimizes the display screen to enhance the visibility of columns, rows, and cells. You can customize text appearance from the cell menu page. 
If you want to use a pre-made document with built-in function, just open the template page and choose a spreadsheet that you need. Tap the file name of the template to load the file. You can then input entries into the cells by using the on-screen keyboard. 
Once you finished editing the spreadsheet, just close the file to save it. The app automatically stores the spreadsheet in the file manager. You can then transfer files to your computer via Wi-fi connection or email. You can also print your spreadsheet directly from the app. 

Best Features

Mariner Calc offers a well-designed editor suitable for the smaller screen display of mobile devices. It displays the entries in neat rows and you can view long columns by scrolling the screen sideways. The function and tool keys are conveniently arranged in a menu bar located at the bottom of the screen.
The app offers the key functions of MS Excel including multiple worksheet support and split/freeze panes. It supports copy, paste, cut, undo, and redo functions. Most important of all, Mariner Calc supports spreadsheet customization with background and border control, text alignment, color highlights, and many more.
One of the best features of this app is the template options. It allows you to create spreadsheets on the fly by choosing any template such as calendar, class schedule, gas mileage, home inventory, monthly budget, and dozens more.
And lastly, Mariner Calc offer 145 functions for automating your calculations. It supports the most common mathematical formulas as well as advanced functions including statistics, finance, and trigonometry.

Pros and Cons

  • Supports numerous arithmetic functions
  • No Internet connection is required
  • You can view documents in various formats from the app
  • Does calculations in seconds
  • Can share files via email or Wi-Fi
  • Less prone to bugs and malware
  • Smart interface that is user-friendly
  • Lacks a comprehensive tutorial 

Final Thoughts

Mariner Calc Spreadsheet for iPhone is one of the most comprehensive spreadsheet programs for mobile devices. It is compatible with MS Excel and offers dozens of unique features so you can quickly create worksheets.

Full Review

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MacGourmet Deluxe 4.2 B2 from Mariner Software has been released

MacGourmet Deluxe 4.2 B2 from Mariner Software has now been released. You can use coupon code ( TOMW ) in the Mariner Software eStore and save 25% off new purchases and 5 pack bundles today!
MacGourmet Deluxe and MacGourmet are our two powerful recipe management applications that enable you to easily create, edit, organize, and share your recipes.
  • Make notes about wine, beer, and cheese — like pairings, for example. You’ve got a Pinot Noir in your wine rack, should you pair it with Colby or Cheddar – or both? Is there a beer that goes well with apple pie?
  • Search the pantry for ingredients and use the results to plan a meal
  • Add Lists, Smart Lists, or sub-lists to categorize your recipes such as, Vegetarian, Gluten-fee, Low Fat, even “recipes from Grandmother”
  • Create shopping lists. Print out a list and take it with you, or sync it to Gourmet (for iOS), the mobile version, and check off items while you walk through the store
  • Flag the recipes that made you stand out at that dinner party